Charlotte Prep Parent Coordinator: Jamie Landsberg (jamielandsberg@comcast.net)


Volunteers play an important and valuable role at Charlotte Preparatory School. It does not matter if you volunteer for one hour or one hundred hours over the course of the school year; any help you give is essential in enhancing the education of our students.

We welcome any and all parents, grandparents, alumni, and caretakers to be volunteers. We hope you find your volunteer experience to be a rewarding one. Besides supporting the school, your volunteer efforts teach our children the joy and obligation we all have to give some of our precious time to worthwhile causes.

Most volunteer opportunities at Charlotte Prep are coordinated through the Parent Association. Our parent association is dedicated to enriching the experience of all Charlotte Prep students and their families and we hold and assist with many activities throughout the year where volunteers are needed.

Signing up to volunteer

Throughout the year, you will learn of volunteer opportunities through our PREP Talk or email notifications. In that communication, you will be informed of how to sign-up.  You can also contact our parent coordinator to sign up or get more information on any event.

Volunteer Opportunities

Fall Festival, Parent Social, Library Program, Muffins with Mom, Donuts with Dad, Grandparent Luncheon, Field Days, Scholastic Book Fair, Spirit Week, Teacher Appreciation Week, Field Trips, Yearbook Committee, Annual Event Fundraiser, student dances, and more!

Classroom volunteer opportunities vary by teacher and are at the teacher’s discretion. These might include special projects, field trips, and reading with the students.

Support the staff

  • Be respectful of the teachers.
  • Do not use your volunteer time as a parent/teacher conference.
  • Do not publicly question or criticize the teacher or the methods.
  • Ensure that your interpretation of rules and expectations matches that of the school or classroom.
  • Involve appropriate school personnel when students disobey school or classroom rules; don’t take corrective measures into your own hands.


  • Ask if you are unsure about how your job is supposed to get done – there are no bad questions!
  • Don’t let small problems turn into big ones.
  • Decline any task for which you are unqualified or uncomfortable.
  • Provide feedback to the appropriate person about volunteer experiences.

Be committed and dependable

  • Be prompt and reliable; people are counting on you to be there.
  • Set an example of professionalism and good citizenship.