Code of Conduct Policy

Personal Behavior & Discipline Policy

Students are encouraged to experience Charlotte Preparatory School as a welcoming place for their growth and learning. Personal pride and consciousness of the needs and rights of others are fostered. Students are expected to treat the building and grounds with care.

Respect and responsibility are values for the entire school. Student behavior is expected to be appropriate for the particular situation and setting. Teachers manage student behavior within their classrooms. Students and teachers engage in discussions about behaviors and feelings and the well-being of each member of the class.

To ensure the safety and productive environment for all students, the progressive discipline system will be in effect. To learn about the complete progressive discipline plan, please view the student handbook.

Student Behavior

Any student who willfully performs any act that materially interferes with or is detrimental to the orderly operation of a school, a school-sponsored activity, or any other aspect of the educational process shall be subject to discipline, suspension or expulsion.

The following acts or attempts of such acts by a student shall constitute sufficient cause for discipline, suspension or expulsion, whether on the school grounds immediately before, during and immediately after school hours; near the school grounds immediately before, during and immediately after school hours; at any time when a school is being used by any school group; off the school grounds at a school activity, function or event; or anywhere and anytime a student’s conduct has a real and substantial relationship to the lawful maintenance and operation of the school.

Abusive behavior, lewd conduct, harassment and sexual, race, or disability harassment; harassing, intimidating or bullying behavior of any kind; the use or possession of alcoholic beverages, narcotics and stimulant drugs; arson; assault, extortion, causing physical injury or damage to school property; the commission of any criminal acts; possession or use of any dangerous weapon or object, or object that resembles a dangerous weapon or object; destruction or theft of property; disruptive conduct; failure to pursue studies; false alarms; forgery, lying and misuse of documents; loitering and trespassing; use or possession of tobacco; truancy; repeated misconduct; general rule violations; unauthorized entry of school property; inappropriate computer/network behavior; and gang activity.

This is not an exhaustive list of acts that will result in punishment, but provides only examples of the types of behavior that violate school district policy or state and/or federal law.