Board of Trustees

Charlotte Preparatory is governed by a group of dedicated individuals who work hard to ensure all students, faculty, and staff have the resources they need to be successful. Some of the Board’s roles include developing a five-year strategic plan that states our major goals and needs, developing and approving policies, hiring and evaluating the Head of School, approving an annual budget, setting tuition, assessing parent, student, and staff satisfaction, and ensuring our school is fulfilling its mission and vision.

The Head of School is responsible for the day-to-day operations, new student recruitment, curriculum, staffing, classroom management, facilities, etc. 

To apply for a position on the Charlotte Preparatory School Board of Trustees, please email the New Board Member Application, to the Administrative Office at

New Board Member Application

Please download this PDF and email to the Administrative Office at

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President: Brett Bishop
Vice President: Matthew Jones
Treasurer: Dr. Ivor Percent
Secretary: Ivey Winkler
Board Advisor: Megan Dubbaneh


Casey Beckman

Danielle Brightman

Mark Kemeny

Monica Luna

Amanda Mardis

Jennifer Montalement

Carla Nix

Mark Pricer

Katherine Root

Paul Schaefer