Why Give?

Charlotte Prep’s financial viability depends on strong fund development. Development efforts are formed through a partnership among the Board of Trustees, our faculty and staff, alumni, parents, grandparents, alumni parents, and community friends. Money raised through development efforts ensures the continued support of the enriching educational programs within the nurturing environment that is uniquely Charlotte Preparatory School.

Why do we have to raise money in addition to tuition?

Each year the Charlotte Preparatory School Board of Trustees develops an annual budget in support of the school mission and the Five Year Strategic Plan. Charlotte Prep works diligently to balance the tuition and fees necessary to fund the educational experience it provides, with the ability of families to afford the cost. Tuition funds the mission of the school to provide a safe, nurturing environment with an enriching Montessori program and academically challenging curriculum. The school uses hard income from tuition and fees to fund core operations. Gifts to Charlotte Preparatory School provide the means to encourage growth, enhance curricular and co-curricular programs, and support the school’s physical environment.

What are some of these enhancements?

Gifts advance Charlotte Prep academics, athletics, and co-curricular activities. Enhancements include: financial aid, athletic facility, technology, arts programs and faculty professional development.

Will my donation make a difference to the school?

Yes. We are all part of the Charlotte Prep family and community. Each year it is vital that we reach our fiscal fundraising goals, but it is just as important that everyone participates. Larger donors, businesses, corporations, and other individuals and groups care about the level of support shown by a school’s own constituents. Thus the participation of families, alumni, faculty and staff, trustees, and friends in achieving this goal is critical. Any gift of any size is greatly appreciated, and will be acknowledged publicly with heartfelt gratitude.

Do other schools ask parents, grandparents, alumni and friends contribute?

Yes. Not having affiliations with religious institutions or access to public funding, nearly all independent schools utilize major gifts to support school operations, enhancements, and growth beyond revenue generated through school tuition and fees.
How often will the school ask me to make a gift?

Parents are required to pay a fundraising fee at the beginning of the school year. This allows the school to forgo doing various fundraisers throughout the year. There are a couple of fundraising events during the year, but contributions are optional.

Will my gift be published?

Charlotte Preparatory appreciates all contributions, and publicly recognizes everyone’s support. All contributors will be recognized by name with their permission. Gifts can also be accepted anonymously.

What is your matching gifts program?

Many companies have matching gift programs. If you or your family member works for such a company, your gift to the Charlotte Prep Fund could more than double. Please contact your company regarding a matching gifts program.