Social Studies – Upper Elementary

In Fourth grade, students will locate, gather and process information from maps, globes, charts, graphs and data. Students examine Florida history from early native tribes to modern day, understand the function of government and the role of U.S. citizens, and apply basic economic concepts. Students will understand how individuals and events of the past have shaped Florida, as we know it today.

Fourth grade students are required to participate in the History Fair. This takes place in January and February. Students are asked to pick a person that has influenced history in some way. A research paper, display board and presentation are required. The students will then give a presentation to the fourth thru eighth grades on their particular subject.

In Fifth grade, students study the history and geography of our nation, then continue with the exploration and settling of America, life in the English colonies, the struggle for independence, life in this growing nation, and ends with the Civil War. There will also be discussion of political, national and international events as well as related art and literature. Students will understand how individuals and events of this period influenced later events in the development of our nation.