What is Fast Pitch?

The “fast-pitch” presentation is a part of the Margin & Mission Ignition initiative by The Patterson Foundation. It provides nonprofits with access to expert guidance so they can explore new ways to build thriving organizations with diverse revenue sources that sustain and extend their capacity to do good in the community.

Charlotte Prep Faculty & Students worked hard to complete all the labs and meet the participation criteria of the Margin & Mission Ignition initiative. Working with a coach the students & faculty created a business plan and participate in the “fast-pitch” presentation. They continue to be mentored as they implement earned-income plans and consultants track their progress.

What did our students do?

Students worked with mentors and faculty to create a business plan for establishing the “Phin Shop,” pitched their plan in the “fast-pitch” presentation. They answered questions about the program in a follow-up Q & A session.

What were the results?

Our students worked hard and learned a lot as a part of the Margin & Mission Ignition initiative. The Patterson Foundation was so impressed with the work of our students that they pledged to match all donations, up to $40,000 from now through March 20, 2020.