Mrs. Forbes speaks at Florida Citizens Alliance MeetingCongratulations to Mrs. Katie Forbes, our Assistant Head of School, for being selected among multiple administrators and parents to speak at the Florida Citizens Alliance Meeting. She spoke about the HOPE Scholarship and how those funds given to students across Florida enables them to attend a private school. Many of those students could not attend without this financial help.

We are so proud of her because she represented OUR school, parents across the state, and gave students a voice. WOW! Thanks, Mrs. Forbes!
Her son spoke at the event with her because he is a recipient of the HOPE Scholarship.

If you are interested in learning more about the HOPE Scholarship please check out this link.

Both of them met wonderful individuals who now know about Charlotte Preparatory School such as the Florida Chancellor of Education and Rick Stevens. Mr. Stevens is the FLCA Co-Founder with Keith Flaugh.