Visual Art

Fourth and Fifth grade art is a hands-on course that covers the elements/principles of design and uses them with higher-order thinking and art history. Students will develop observation and technical proficiency in many art areas; drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, sculpture, etc. Students will explore various subjects in their work with an emphasis on personal artistic discovery.


Charlotte Preparatory School music is a performance-based class. Students will participate in a variety of aural and rhythmic activities that reinforce the student’s ability to process and understand basic to advanced applications of music. The concepts of listening, creating, evaluating, and performing will be explored as well as the cultural and historical impact music continues to have. Various composers, musicians, instruments, styles, techniques, technologies, etc. will be covered through a host of discussions, demonstrations, and projects.

Students will be using the ukulele as an instrumental focus.

The fourth and fifth grade students will be taking beginner ukulele. Students are taught the fundamentals of instrumental music and playing as a small ensemble and through a selection of simplified contemporary and classical pieces. Various concepts (counting, notation, tuning, etc) are explored.