First and Second grade students have Physical Education one day per week.
Third grade students have Physical Education two days a week.

Students are required to wear athletic shoes and the third grade students also wear the Charlotte Preparatory School approved physical education uniform; grey CA t-shirt & green shorts.

FUN and EXERCISE are going to be the main goal of each class experience. The classes will strive to build what they have learned in pre-primary. Some examples of components of movement are locomoter, non-locomoter, directions, pathways, levels, balancing, body parts, using body parts with force, using objects for sports in various ways, catching, rolling, throwing, personal and general space, understanding in practicing safety expectations, goal-setting and benefits of physical activity. The students will not only focus on the activity, skill or game, but the knowledge of how to be more efficient in movement, skills and games. Many of the benchmarks for PE include understanding safety, health concepts of physical activity in the mechanics of a variety of skills used for sports.

Some of our class activities include:

Scooters, Parachute, Relay Races, Jump Rope Routines, Capture the Flag, Matball, Soccer, Kickball, T-Ball, Bocce Ball, and Pillo Polo to name a few.