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Charlotte Prep, Margin & Mission Ignition, an intiative of the Patterson Foundation. Boosting Nonprofit Entrepreneurial Capacity, Revenue & Mission ImpactContact:
Nicole Maugeri
Charlotte Preparatory School

For Immediate Release

Charlotte Preparatory School was Selected to Participate in Entrepreneurial Initiative

Margin & Mission Ignition 2019, an initiative of The Patterson Foundation, strengthens nonprofit mission impact through earned-income strategies and implementation

Charlotte County Fla. February 25, 2020 – Charlotte Preparatory School will work to strengthen its entrepreneurial capacity and increase its mission impact with earned-income strategies developed and implemented through its participation in Margin & Mission Ignition 2019, an initiative of The Patterson Foundation.

Through Margin & Mission Ignition, Charlotte Preparatory School will work with No Margin, No Mission, a social enterprise and national consulting firm engaged by The Patterson Foundation, over a 30-month process. No Margin, No Mission will work with each nonprofit selected for Margin & Mission Ignition to develop and implement business plans for revenue-generating ventures.

“Being a part of The Patterson Foundation Family and having the opportunity to work with the people associated with them is an outstanding opportunity for our school! said Peggy Fear, Head of School of Charlotte Preparatory School

Throughout the process, the organizations participating in Margin & Mission Ignition will come together to learn from and share with one another based on their experiences.

“Over the years, Margin & Mission Ignition has proven to be a game-changer for organizations who have demonstrated the leadership, willingness, readiness, capacity and culture to develop earned-income streams,” said Debra Jacobs, president and CEO of The Patterson Foundation. “These organizations are embarking on a rigorous process that should heighten their mission impact through enhanced revenue. The Patterson Foundation is honored to support this thrivability journey.”
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About Margin & Mission Ignition 2019 An initiative of The Patterson Foundation, Margin & Mission Ignition 2019 is an opportunity for local nonprofits in our region to develop and implement earned-income strategies to strengthen mission impact. For more information about The Patterson Foundation’s Margin & Mission Ignition initiative, please visit or join the conversation using #TPFMarginMission on social media.